Bito Photographer

People Photographer specialized in Photo & Video Shootings, Advertising, Stars & Fashion. Based in Sardinia, Italy.

“30 years of experience in collaboration with major brands, realizing award-winning national and international campaigns.”

About Bito

Bito / Oliver Avellino started working as a professional photographer at the age of 22. Based in Cologne, Germany, he was soon commissioned by major brands to realise successful advertising campaigns and became a well-known photographer in the German multinational advertising and celebrity scene.

Today he lives in Sardinia, Santa Teresa Gallura, and continues to shoot for selected clients.

Spiritual Way

At the age of 27, he recognized his natural ability to see the aura and understand the forces that work through us, allowing him to intuitively interact with the subtle life force. He has dedicated the last 25 years to deepening this dimension, helping others heal and find inner peace.


-Guida al Sottile:

” esercizi energetici per il ritorno a se”

-100 Lightful Healing Cards